Port Azure operates a concierge service to meet all the needs of owners, captains and their crews. Set within beautifully landscaped surroundings, Port Azure offers modern, clean and safe facilities
Set within beautifully landscaped surroundings, our marina offers:
  • The 245 m-long concrete dock is one of the largest in Europe
  • On-site year-round technical support services
  • Safest Bay in Gocek
  • NFPA 303 Fire Fighting System
  • Effortless fuel supply
  • Reliable high capacity power-up to 1000 amps
  • Warehouse storage
  • Continuous water collection
  • Waste disposal
  • Dirty oil disposal
  • Parking
  • 24/7 pharmacy access
  • Marina and its surroundings are kept under surveillance 24/7 with laser detectors and CCTV cameras. Thermal cameras on the other hand monitor any trace of heat during the day and night which allows us to detect possible fires before or just after it starts to act immediately and reduces the risk of fires substantially.
24/7 Concierge services include, but aren’t limited to:  carpet cleaning, airport transport, private aviation, private security services, pet healthcare, floral services, laundry, tours and itinerary planning.
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